The Revd Paul Kennedy

Revd Paul Kennedy is the Rector of St Vedast and Priest-in-Charge at Saint Mary Aldermary.

Paul can be contacted at :


The Revd Robert Pfeiffer

Parish Administrator

Alan Matthews

Alan works in the office Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10am – 3pm.

Alan can be contacted at :

Church wardens

Barbara Harris
James Olley

Director of Music

Joseph Ramadan

Church Staff

Nell Wisdom

The Parochial Church Council

The PCC is made up of the Rector, the Church Wardens, the Secretary, the Treasurer, and elected members of the congregation who act as honorary church wardens. The honorary church wardens represent the 13 parishes adjacent  to St Vedast which, since the Great Fire of 1666, St Vedast has been accumulating as they have disappeared, either through fire, war or development.

The Rev Paul Kennedy – Rector, chair of PCC
Barbara Harris – Church Warden
James Olley – Church Warden
Claire Beale – Secretary / Deanery Synod Representative

Norman James – St Peter Cheap
Barbara Harris – Deanery Synod Representative / St Alban Wood Street
Richard Batchelor – Treasurer and Glebe Warden / St Michael-le-Querne
Simon Clark – St Mary Magdalene Milk Street
Victor Funtanares –  St Matthew Friday Street
John Hill – St Mary Aldermanbury 
Valerie James – Electoral Roll Officer / St Anne & Saint Agnes
Tom Lawrance – Tower Captain / St Olave Silver Street
Erica Olley – St John Zachary
Alan Whelan – St Michael Wood Street

Vacant – St Michael Bassishaw

Vacant – St Mary Staining

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